Lash Extensions

Natural Set

Full Set

Lash Curl

Lash extensions are applied one by one to each of your natural lashes. This creates a fuller, longer lash line, eliminating the need of mascara and a lash curler. There are several different extension lengths, so after a consultation we can customize the final outcome for the desired length, and look of your new lashes. There are two different sets available, the natural set is great for first time lash wearers and will create some length, curl and fullness. This is approximately an hour and a half appointment time. The Full set is for someone who desires alittle more drama, it creates a fuller lash line, length and curl. The Full set has a longer appointment time, so more lashes are able to be applied in that time. This appointment is approximately two hours. Please keep in mind that results are based on the strength and quality of your own natural lashes, if you have sparse or short lashes, shorter lashes are recommended to keep the health and integrity of the natural lash in tact. 

**Please come to your appointment on time with no eye makeup on to avoid cutting into your lash appointment time.

Lash Maintenance

Having lashes requires maintenance. Lashes naturally shed and grow so it is necessary to replace lashes to always keep them looking their best. Maintenance is suggested every 2-3 weeks. You can choose from different maintenance appointment times ranging from 30-75mins. The longer the appointment time the fuller your lashes will be.

**Please come to your appointment on time with no eye makeup on to avoid cutting into your lash appointment time.

Lash Aftercare

After your lashes are applied there are some things you should avoid. It takes a full 24 hours for the glue to properly cure and form a strong bond so showering, use of makeup, or gym activitie  are strongly discouraged. Failure to do so may result in weaking the glue bonds and shortening the retention time. Also, face wash, face cream, and eye creams containing oils are not recommended as they as loosen the glue bonds as well.

Lash Curl

Lash Curl is perfect for the minimalist. It provides a natural looking curl to your existing lashes mimicking the use of a lash curler. The appointment time runs about an hour and lasts 6-8 weeks. Avoid getting your lashes wet by showering, applying makeup, or participating in gym activities for 24 hours.

*Please come to your appointment on time with no eye makeup to avoid cutting into your appointment time.